Perfect Papier can significantly improve hygiene in the bathroom and kitchen, and these areas do need constant attention to keep them clean. They are sources of a number of dangerous infections, so cleanliness is vital to prevent the spread of diseases such as Hepatitis A or diarrhea.

That is why the GGD (Dutch Public Health Service) and the RIVM (Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) issue advice and guidance on their websites on the maintenance of sanitary areas and the use of hand soap and paper hand towels (GGD Hollands Noorden). Nurseries and schools, among others, are areas with major risks.

The use of soap, proper hand washing, and drying with a clean paper towel are all basic requirements. Toilet seats, light switches, and doorknobs are also notorious spreaders of microbes, so thorough and consistent cleaning are essential. Regular professional deep cleaning of your sanitary areas and kitchen will also help.

Kitchens and hot-drink areas are other notorious places where extra care is required. Wet countertops, dishcloths and tea towels are potential hazards; dishcloths in particular often contain more bacteria than an average toilet seat! Using paper and changing cloths at least several times a day is essential. It is recommended that cloths are not used in the kitchen, but substituted by kitchen rolls.

Perfect Papier supplies top-quality 100%-cellulose hygienic paper and toilet soap, which both contribute to reducing the risks of contamination. For advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.