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About Perfect Papier

Perfect Papier, a company based in Amsterdam, recently started operating as a wholesaler in sanitary paper, kitchen roll paper, hand soap, air fresheners and dispensers.

The company is run by reliable and experienced managers who have proved their worth. The ojective is simple; supply top-quality 100%-cellulose paper to all types of businesses, with highly competitive prices. We also intend to distinguish ourselves in terms of flexibility, accessibility and quality.

The management greatly values the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit, where the environment also plays an important role.

We are always delighted to meet new customers, so please feel welcome to visit our office.

The number one importer and wholesaler for everyone!

Perfect Hygiëne paper is 100% cellulose, which offers noticeably better quality with lower consumption.

Perfect Hygiëne supplies its products to all types of businesses in every sector, from small to large. Private individuals are also welcome, as is every customer! Small orders of single boxes are possible for SMEs and individuals. Our paper usually fits into existing dispensers, or we can loan you devices free of charge. Delivery can be arranged, or you can collect directly from us without parking issues!

In an emergency, we can always arrange a solution for our customers, 24/7! That’s important for hotels, recreational facilities, healthcare facilities or other businesses in continuous operation. If you’d like a trial package, or no-obligation appointment, we’d be delighted to hear from you.